Florida Valencia Oranges Are America’s Favorite Juicing Orange

Bursting with sweet, flavorful juice, Florida Valencia Oranges are America’s favorite juicing orange, although they’re equally delicious eaten out of hand. The world’s best-known orange, Valencias were named for the city of Valencia, Spain where oranges of legendary sweetness have been produced for centuries. The Valencias grown in Florida were hybridized by a California citrus farmer, but soon found their way to the Sunshine State where the thrived in Florida’s subtropical climate and fertile soil.

Their deliciously sweet flavor and brightly colored juice has made Florida Valencia Oranges the world’s premium juice orange and Florida the nation’s leading producer of Valencia Oranges for the juice industry. Valencias now account for 50% of the state’s total citrus production. With a season that runs from March into early June, Valencias are also the citrus industry’s premium late season orange and the only fresh-picked orange available during the summer.

You can tell you’re eating a fresh-picked Florida Valencia Orange by the seeds. A typical Florida Valencia Orange will have from one to six seeds. If you don’t find any seeds, you’re probably eating a Florida Navel Orange or Florida Tangerine. Florida Valencias are thin skinned and valued for their exceptionally high juice content. Only about 60 calories, a medium Valencia Orange provides 116% of the daily value of vitamin C, 13% dietary fiber, 10% folate, 8% thiamin, 7% potassium, 6% vitamin A and 5% calcium.

You may notice a greenish cast on the rinds of fresh-picked Florida Valencia Oranges. This in no way interferes with the sweet flavor or juiciness of the fruit and is not a sign of unripe fruit. Called “regreening,” the reabsorption of chlorophyll provides Florida Valencias with natural protection against sunburn, a necessity for a citrus fruit that stays on the tree for nearly a full year before being picked, 30% longer than any other citrus variety. Of course, the longer an orange stays on the tree, the sweeter it is which means that Florida Valencia Oranges are not only the Sunshine State’s juiciest oranges, they’re also the sweetest!

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Florida Crimson Grapefruit: The Star of Grapefruit Family

The pink blush on the bright yellow rind of Florida Crimson Grapefruit offers only a hint of the luscious, surprisingly deep red flesh inside. Three times more colorful than Florida’s popular Ruby Red Grapefruit, Florida Crimsons are plump, seedless and bursting with flavorful juice. Sweeter and just a touch more acidic than Ruby Reds, Florida Crimson Grapefruit exhibit the perfect combination of sweet and tart and are renowned for their classic grapefruit flavor.

Outstanding flavor and their flaming red color make Florida Crimson Grapefruit a mealtime star. A stunning addition to fresh fruit salads and Oriental or Asian cuisine, their bold color and robust flavor make Florida Crimsons an excellent choice for homemade marmalades and chutneys. For a dramatic mealtime presentation that is sure to impress, garnish fish, pork or poultry platters with colorful Crimson Grapefruit slices.

Florida Crimson Grapefruit are nutritional stars too. Like all fresh Florida citrus fruit, grapefruit are low in calories and contain no fat, sodium or cholesterol. All citrus fruit are also excellent sources of vitamin C and contain numerous other essential nutrients, but the deep red color of Florida Crimson Grapefruit packs an additional health-boosting punch.

The nutritional rule of thumb is: the darker a fruit’s flesh color, the higher its nutrient content. With the darkest flesh in the citrus world, Florida Crimson Grapefruit are extraordinarily rich in nutrients that promote a healthy immune system and help the body fight disease. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in Florida Crimsons offer the following health benefits:

• Helps protect against coronary artery disease by lowering cholesterol and triglycerides;

• Helps decrease stroke risk by reducing plaque build-up in blood vessels;

• Aids blood pressure regulation which can help prevent high blood pressure;

• Helps regulate insulin and prevent blood sugar spikes after eating, aiding diabetes management;

• Stimulates the production of white blood cells, boosting your immune system’s ability to fight off infection, disease and cancer.

Give your body a healthy boost; enjoy sweet, juicy Florida Crimson Grapefruit.

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Florida Grapefruit Weight-Loss Claims Are True!

Dieters have been munching on grapefruit and extolling its virtue as a weight-loss aid for decades, but are those claims fact or just another dieting myth? Happily for fans of this sweet but tangy Florida citrus fruit, the weight-loss claims attributed to eating fresh Florida grapefruit are TRUE!

“Even if you changed nothing else about your diet, eating half a grapefruit before each meal may help you lose up to a pound a week!” Health.com said in naming grapefruit one of the Best Superfoods for Weight Loss.

Fresh-picked Florida Grapefruit packs a triple punch when it comes to weight loss:

1. Grapefruit contain a natural compound that lowers insulin. Since insulin helps your body store fat, reducing this hormone also reduces fat storage which can lead to weight loss.

2. Providing nearly 2 grams of protein, or 4% of the recommended daily value, fresh grapefruit are a good protein source. And because grapefruit are low in calories and fat and sodium- and cholesterol-free, they are also a healthy protein source. (Click for a complete nutritional analysis of grapefruit.)

3. About 90% water and high in fiber, grapefruit help fill you up quickly so you eat less.

Dieters who complain about grapefruit’s tart taste simply haven’t tried Florida Marsh White Grapefruit. Marsh Whites have a sweet, mild flavor with just a hint of tasty tanginess that makes this citrus favorite a wonderfully refreshing mid-day snack or healthy addition to mealtimes. Dieting never tasted so good!

Grapefruit are a relatively recent arrival on the Florida citrus scene. Botanists believe grapefruit to be a natural cross between an orange tree and a pummelo which were brought from Malaysia and planted in the West Indies in the late 17th century. The exotic new fruit were named for the way the fruit grows, in hanging, grape-like clusters. The first grapefruit seedlings did not arrive in Florida until the early 1800s. In the 1860s, the first golden-skinned, seedless Marsh White Grapefruit was cultivated in Lakeland, Florida. Its superior flavor quickly made the Marsh White the most cultivated grapefruit variety in the state.

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Ortaniques Add Caribbean Spice to Florida Citrus

Exceptionally juicy and delicious with a sweet, rich flavor, Florida Ortaniques add a dash of Caribbean spice to the Florida citrus family. Bright orange in color and wonderfully aromatic, Ortaniques originally appeared in Jamaica and were brought to the U.S. in the mid-1940s. According to Jamaican folklore, the Ortanique was the creation of two love birds; one living in an orange tree, the other in a tangerine tree. The love birds flew together, dropping to the earth a seed from each tree to create a new home they could both share. The tree that grew from their love produced a unique fruit that combined the best characteristics of both oranges and tangerines, earning it a name as unique as its fruit: ORange + TANgerine + unIQUE.

Florida Ortaniques are a cross between Florida Valencia oranges and Florida tangerines. They combine the sweet juiciness of Valencia oranges, America’s favorite juicing orange, with the easy-eating and honey-sweet flavor of Florida tangerines. Like their tangerine parent, Ortaniques are easy to peel and section, making this specialty citrus fruit a delicious choice for out-of-hand snacking. Easy sectioning and exceptional flavor also make Florida Ortaniques a popular choice with cooks for tossing into salads or adding to stir fries and other dishes. The fruit’s exceptional juiciness and distinctive flavor have made Ortaniques a juicing favorite and a preferred choice for flavoring cakes and baked goods.

Florida Ortaniques have the same nutritional benefits of oranges which are considered one of the world’s healthiest foods. Packed with vitamin C and other essential nutrients, Florida Ortaniques are low in calories, high in fiber and completely cholesterol- and salt-free; making them an excellent choice for weight watchers. Like oranges, Ortaniques also contain significant antioxidant properties which can offer protection against disease and cancer.

Ortaniques are only available from March through mid-April. Experience the exceptional flavor of this unique Florida citrus fruit; order Florida Ortaniques from FloridaOrange.com today

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Late Season Florida Tangerines Are Sweet as Honey

Florida Honey Tangerines are a late-season favorite prized for their honey-sweet flavor and sparkling juice. Grown only in the state of Florida, the arrival of Florida Honey Tangerines is a happy burst of Florida sunshine and pleasant reminder that spring will soon be here.

Only available from February through mid-April, Florida Honey Tangerines are a hybrid of tangerines and sweet oranges known as tangors (TANGerine + ORange) and exhibit the best characteristics of both fruits. Florida Honey Tangerines pair the sweet flavor and incredible juiciness of Florida oranges with the easy peeling and sectioning of sweet, flavorful Florida tangerines. Although they have a slightly tougher skin than most Florida tangerines, their high sugar content makes these succulent citrus treats worth a little extra work. The incredible sweetness of Florida Honey Tangerines is comparable to that of Florida Honeybells which are widely considered the sweetest of all citrus fruit.

While some mystery surrounds their origin, Florida Honey Tangerines, also called Murcott oranges, are believed to have originated in the 1920s with Charles Murcott Smith, the manager of a Bayview, Florida nursery.

Delicious for eating out of hand or juicing, Florida Honey Tangerines are a favorite with cooks who use their juice to flavor cakes, desserts, salad dressings and stir fry (for a wonderful citrus kick, squeeze two honey tangerine halves over your stir fry during the final minute of cooking). Their high sugar content means honey tangerines have a shorter shelf life than other fresh picked Florida citrus; several days at room temperature or about a week in the refrigerator crisper.

With their vivid orange rinds and fruit, Florida Honey Tangerines are an excellent source of vitamin C, folate and beta-carotene. They also contain essential minerals, B vitamins and disease-fighting flavonoids which research indicates may help protect against obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Their oil is extremely aromatic and makes an excellent addition to potpourri.

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Florida Temple Oranges Are for Lovers

Around Valentine’s Day, Mother Nature plays cupid, spicing up the citrus world with the delivery of deliciously sweet and tangy Florida Temple Oranges. Only available from FloridaOrange.com during the month of February, Florida temple oranges are deliciously sweet and tangy at the same time, just like love.

A unique citrus hybrid, temple oranges marry the natural sweetness of Florida tangerines with the juicy tanginess of sweet Florida oranges. In fact, Florida Temple Oranges aren’t actually oranges, but tangors which, as their name implies, are a cross between a TANGerine and an ORange. Believed to have originated in Japan thousands of years ago, temple oranges arrived in Florida via the West Indies.

Discovered in Jamaica by a fruit buyer and shipped to a grower in Winter Park, Florida at the turn of the 20th century; this hybrid was little recognized until it came to the attention of William Chase Temple, for whom it was eventually named. A lumber and coal baron who had turned his midas touch to Florida citrus, Temple promoted the new varietal which was well acclimated to growth in Florida’s subtropical climate.

Temple is known for his connection to major league sports, but his contributions to the Florida citrus industry were equally legendary. Temple was the president and owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1890s and sponsor of the National League post-season Temple Cup. He was also a major player in the early days of professional football. But in Florida’s citrus belt, the Florida native is best known for founding the Florida Citrus Exchange in 1909. Serving as its general manager until 1913, Temple increased annual Florida citrus production from $200,000 to $5 million.

An excellent eating orange, Florida Temple Oranges are wonderfully aromatic and juicy with few seeds, high natural sugar content and an easy-to-peel skin. A flavorful addition to preserves and compotes, their thick, pebbly rind also makes temple oranges a top choice for zesting.

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Get Ready! Florida HoneyBell Season Is Nearly Here!

iStock_000008927556Small (1)Florida HoneyBells are an exceptionally sweet and juicy. Their only disadvantage is their extremely short harvest period. Only available for a few weeks in January, demand is always high for this super sweet but oddly shaped Florida citrus fruit.

A delicious cross between a Dancy Tangerine and Duncan Grapefruit, tangelos were developed in Florida at the turn of the 20th century by Dr. Walter T. Single of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. They quickly became known as HoneyBells for their distinctive honey-sweet flavor and unusual shape. Somewhat oblong in shape, Florida HoneyBells are topped by a protruding knob which gives them their characteristic bell-like appearance. Thin-skinned and easy to peel, these Florida citrus fruit are renowned for both their superior sweetness and extreme juiciness.

Florida’s unique climate makes Florida HoneyBells particularly sweet and juicy compared to tangelos grown in other states. This limited edition citrus fruit is available in several sizes from small, snack-ready Florida Mini Bells, which fit perfectly into a child’s hand, to giant Florida HoneyBell Supremes which can weight as much as three-quarters of a pound!

With their refreshing aroma, pretty red-orange skin, succulent sweetness and chin-dripping juiciness, Florida HoneyBells are a special treat that Florida citrus fans look forward to all year. Despite their sweetness, a standard-size Florida HoneyBell contains only about 60 calories and Mini Bells have just 32 calories, making this sweet citrus fruit a diet-friendly food for weight watchers and a healthy treat when you’re craving something sweet.

Like all Florida citrus fruit, Florida HoneyBells are fat, cholesterol and sodium free. They provide 60% of your daily vitamin C requirements and are an excellent source of dietary fiber and a good source of calcium.

Consumers are advised to place their Florida HoneyBell orders with FloridaOrange.com early as these mouth-watering citrus fruit are only available for a few short weeks in January.

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