Florida Citrus Gift Baskets Are Perfect Hostess Gift

Thanksgiving is coming. Turkeys have already gone on sale at local grocery stores. Family cooks are getting out their favorite recipes and starting to make plans for the coming feast. If you are not hosting your family for the coming Thanksgiving Day holidays, you are probably traveling home to join your family at mom and dad’s or the home of a sister, brother or cousin. More Americans travel to visit family on Thanksgiving than on any other holiday, including Christmas. Naturally, you don’t want to arrive at your hostess’ home empty-handed, but coming up with a gift idea that you know will be appreciated and enjoyed can be difficult. Florida citrus gift baskets are the perfect solution.

Florida Grove gift baskets make the perfect hostess gift on Thanksgiving or any holiday or special occasion. Our charming wood-slat orchard baskets and old-fashioned wood field crates are brimming with fresh-picked Florida citrus fruit. You can send your hostess a basket 0r crate filled with juicy Florida oranges, sweet Florida grapefruit or a delightful combination of the two. If you want to give your Thanksgiving Day hostess an extra-special treat, order one of our deluxe Florida Grove baskets which also contain delectable Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Patties, exotic Tropical Guava Jelly, tangy Orange Marmalade and sweet Orange Blossom Honey. Our Florida Grove citrus baskets are so delicious, you’ll want to order one for yourself too!

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