Fight Wrinkles with Florida Citrus and You'll Be Smiling in Holiday Photos

The holidays are coming. Clans will be gathering. And you know what that means — holiday photos. LOTS of them!

When families get together during the Thanksgiving holidays, taking pictures is part of the fun. Busy schedules and simple distance make it hard for families to stay connected. We just don’t get as many opportunities as we would like to spend time with the people we love most. So we gather at the holidays to catch up on each other’s lives, marvel at how tall the kids have grown, share cherished family memories and create some new ones. Naturally, we want to capture every wonderful moment in pictures.

There’s the rub. If age is catching up with you and those fine lines on your face are starting to deepen into wrinkles, you may be less than thrilled about having your picture taken during the holidays. Who wants their wrinkles to be displayed on every family Facebook page? No one! So fight back with Florida citrus!

The vitamin C in Florida oranges and Florida grapefruit fights wrinkles and protects skin from the harmful oxidation that causes skin to lose its supple youthfulness. According to new research, the topical application of vitamin C also stimulates collagen production. Loss of collagen causes skin to wrinkle. For maximum wrinkle protection, researches recommend drinking a daily glass of fresh-squeezed Florida citrus juice and applying vitamin C topically.

Don’t hide from the camera this Thanksgiving. Drink your orange juice and “say cheese”!

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