Florida Citrus Top 10 Is Perfect Holiday Gift

If you are looking for a holiday gift that is sure to please everyone on your holiday shopping list, The Top Ten from FloridaOrange.com is the perfect choice. Packed with everybody’s favorite fresh fruits and special Florida citrus treats, our Top Ten Florida citrus gift box offers the very best from Florida’s premier citrus groves and top U.S. growers.

You’ll find a delightful variety of fresh-picked fruit and palate-pleasing citrus treats in every Top Ten Florida citrus gift box, including:

  1. Juicy Florida Oranges
  2. Delicious, easy-to-peel Florida Tangerines
  3. Honey-sweet Florida Honeybell Tangelos
  4. Sweet Florida Ruby Red Grapefruit
  5. Crisp Red Delicious Apples
  6. Creamy D’Anjou Pears
  7. Exotic Guava Jelly
  8. Tangy Orange Marmalade
  9. Luscious Coconut Patties
  10. Rich Nougat-filled Pecan Log

Each box contains two of each fruit selection, one jar each of jelly and marmalade, several coconut patties and one pecan log — enough tasty treats to last for weeks! The delightful variety of our Top Ten gift box also makes this a great gift for families — including yours!

If you’re hosting friends or family over the holidays, order several Top Ten Florida citrus gift boxes to make sure you’ll have everyone’s favorite fruit on hand for eating and snacking.

Order today to make sure your gifts arrive by Christmas!

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