Florida Oranges Are Ideal Study Snack

College students are burning the midnight oil cramming for exams this month. With a single exam counting for as much as 50% of the course grade, student stress hormones go into overdrive during exam weeks. To make it through the week, most students rely on the 3 Cs:  coffee, candy and chips, mistakenly believing that caffeine, sugar and constant snacking will help them stay alert.

Unfortunately, overloading your system with caffeine, sugar and high-calorie carbs has the exact opposite effect. You will get an initial energy boost from caffeine, sugar and carbohydrates; but as soon as the effects wear off, your system will crash, leaving you feeling even more exhausted. After a night of unhealthy snacking, instead of feeling alert and energized you’ll feel exhausted, distracted, and mentally and physically sluggish.

If you want your college student to succeed academically, skip the candy bars and chips when you pack his exam care package and fill it with sweet, juicy Florida Navel oranges. Florida oranges provide the long-lasting energy boost your collegiate needs to study hard and perform well on exams without the empty calories and slug-inducing energy crash of unhealthy snacks and coffee. The ideal study snack, Florida oranges are also packed with plenty of vitamin C, healthy minerals and disease-fighting antioxidants to combat stress and keep your student healthy during exam week.

To encourage academic success, order your college student a Florida citrus care package from Florida Orange today!

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