Eat Florida Grapefruit to Improve Cholesterol

Did you know that eating Florida grapefruit can help lower your cholesterol? Eating one sweet, juicy Florida grapefruit a day can lower cholesterol by more than 10%, reduce narrowing of the arteries by 46%, and help decrease your blood pressure by more than 5 points.

A waxy, fat-like material, cholesterol is necessary to good health. Cholesterol helps your body produce vitamin D which is essential to healthy bones and strong muscles. Vitamin D also provides protection against heart disease and cancer, helps fight stress and depression, and boosts your immune system. Cholesterol also plays an important role in hormone production and fat digestion.

About 75% of the cholesterol you need is produced by your liver; the other 25% coming from the food you eat. While your body needs cholesterol to function, too much cholesterol can be harmful. Overindulging in foods that contain saturated fats can cause cholesterol production to go into overdrive, clogging blood vessels and increasing your risk of heart disease.

Because cholesterol is only found in animal products, you can lower your cholesterol level by adding more fruit, vegetables and nuts to your diet. Studies have found that every 1% reduction in cholesterol reduces your risk of heart disease by 2%. According to the American Heart Association, even if you already suffer from heart disease, lowering your cholesterol level can reduce your risk of disability and death significantly. Start lowering your cholesterol now by making delicious Florida grapefruit a part of your daily diet.

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