Florida Honey Tangerines Coming into Season

Honey sweet and plump with sparkling juice, Florida Honey Tangerines are just approaching peak ripeness and will begin shipping during the week of February 6, 2012. This delicious member of the Florida citrus family sections easily and has a fast-peeling zipper-like skin that makes Florida Honey Tangerines the perfect anytime, anywhere snack.

You’ll want to keep a bowl of Florida Honey Tangerines handy for nutritious family snacking. Florida honey tangerines also make a great mid-day pick-me-up, so keep a couple in your briefcase or office desk drawer. And don’t forget to pop a couple honey tangerines in your kids’ backpacks for an energy-boosting after-school snack before they hit the practice fields.

The precise origin of Florida Honey Tangerines is unknown but is suspected to be a happy accident resulting from a 1916 U.S. Department of Agriculture citrus planting in Florida. In 1922, Florida citrus grower Charles Murcott Smith discovered the first Florida Honey Tangerine trees growing in his Pinellas County nursery. In the Florida citrus industry, Honey Tangerines are also known as Murcott tangerines.

Because Florida Honey Tangerines are only available for a short time, you’ll want to place your order on FloridaOrange.com today. Order plenty so you’ll be able to savor these luscious Florida tangerines while they’re still available. To save 10% on your Florida Orange order, enter coupon code 7777 when you checkout.

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