Fresh or Frozen: Which Orange Juice Is Better for You?

Orange juice made from concentrates claim to be just as healthy for you as fresh-squeezed orange juice. Frozen orange juice concentrates and the liquid orange juices made from concentrate that are sold in the dairy section of your grocery store would like you to think that they offer the same delicious taste, vitamins and healthy nutrients as the pure, fresh orange juice they attempt to imitate. Their labels tout their flavor and vitamin C content. They tempt you to buy them by adding calcium and vitamin D to boost their nutritional value. But is orange juice made from concentrates really as good for you as the fresh-squeezed juice from fresh, ripe Florida oranges?

In a word, NO. Nutritionists say the closer a food is to its natural source, the higher its nutritional value; and you can’t get any closer to nature than the juice from a fresh-picked, fresh-squeezed Florida orange! Every step in the food processing process removes vital nutrients that are contained in the whole food. The more processed a food is the greater its nutrient loss.

Manufacturers replace some of that nutrient loss by adding chemically-created vitamins back into their product. However, many nutrients, especially the important phytonutrients only found in fresh oranges, cannot be replaced after they have been removed during processing. Also, because our bodies absorb natural nutrients more efficiently and more completely than artificial nutrients, the nutrient value of fresh Florida orange juice will always be higher than that of processed concentrates.

Next time: But what about organics?

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