Florida Citrus Fruit Protects Against Birth Defects

Florida citrus fruit contains what many pregnant women consider to be a magical ingredient that helps keep their unborn child healthy. There’s nothing “magical” about folate, but it has been proven to decrease the risk birth defects. One of the B vitamins, folate is abundant in fresh Florida citrus fruit. Instrumental in the creation of healthy DNA, the genetic material in our body’s cells, folate is also essential to the creation of amino acids, protein’s building blocks.

If women consumed the recommended daily dose of folate before becoming pregnant and while pregnant, the American Dietetic Association says up to 75% of traumatic spine and brain birth defects in newborn infants could be prevented.

The folate found in Florida citrus fruit also promotes heart health and can decrease your risk of developing coronary heart disease. Eating fresh Florida oranges every day of your pregnancy to protect your baby’s health is a delicious habit you can follow for the rest of your life to protect your own health.

Next week, FloridaOrange.com will be sending out its final shipments of ripe, juicy, fresh-picked Florida Honey tangerines and Florida Temple oranges. Why not send a Florida citrus gift box to your favorite pregnant mom? Or if you’re pregnant, order a crate of your favorite Florida citrus fruit for yourself! Through March 31, 2012, you can save 10% on all orders of Florida citrus fruit on FloridaOrange.com by entering coupon code 7777 at checkout.

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