Stock Up on Citrus Goodies for Easter Holiday

The Easter holiday is coming. While you’re stocking up on chocolate eggs and jelly beans for the kids’ Easter baskets, why not lay in a supply of delicious Florida citrus treats for the adults at your family gatherings? Crispy Sea Biscuits, Tropical Cookies and luscious Dockside Bundt Cakes from are a quick and easy solution for breakfast, snacks and dessert when you have a house full of holiday guests.

Made with premium ingredients, our Florida citrus treats have a tantalizing citrus zest that is delightfully fresh and refreshing — the perfect accompaniment to a spring or Easter meal.

Sea Biscuits are a delicious Florida citrus version of Italian biscotti. Crunchy dessert slices, Sea Biscuits make a lovely light breakfast when served with a cup of coffee or tea and fresh Florida orange sections or half a Florida grapefruit. When you want to serve a light dessert after a heavy meal, Sea Biscuits also make a delicious accompaniment to ice cream or sherbet.

Tropical Cookies offer a taste of the tropics in every bite. Our three-flavor cookie assortment includes Key Lime, Honeybell and Calypso Coconut cookies — perfect with after-dinner coffee or for snacking when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Dockside Bundt Cakes are lusciously moist and bursting with flavor. Choose from our famous Key Lime, refreshing Honeybell Tangerine, exotic pecan-laced Island Rum, classic Chocolate Chip or velvety Double Chocolate. You’ll get rave reviews from your guests when you serve bundt cakes at Easter brunch or dinner.

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