Early Spring Hastens End of Florida Citrus Season

You can blame global warming or a fluke of nature, but last year’s unusually early spring accelerated the growing season for several varieties of Florida citrus fruit. Florida’s top citrus growers are predicting an early end to the season for Florida grapefruit and Florida tangerines, possibly by as much as three weeks. The Florida Valencia orange crop was not impacted and is expected to run its full course.

Last year’s early spring caused citrus trees to blossom much earlier than usual, accelerating the growth cycle of many citrus varieties and causing early maturation of the fruit. The Florida citrus season usually runs through mid- to late May but is now expected to end a month early. Florida tangerines will only be available through the end in March; Florida grapefruit, through April. Late season Florida Valencia oranges which were not affected will continue to be available through late May.

This year’s Florida citrus season has produced a crop of high-quality fruit. Florida Ruby Red grapefruit have been particularly large, sweet and juicy. The exceptional flavor of this season’s Florida Honey tangerines has made them a consumer favorite. Extraordinarily juicy, the new crop of Florida Valencia oranges is in high demand.

With less time to enjoy luscious, fresh Florida citrus fruit, citrus lovers should place their orders now. Through March 31, 2012, you can save 10% on your FloridaOrange.com order by entering coupon code 7777 at checkout.

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