Is It Better to Get Vitamin C from Fresh Florida Oranges or Supplements?

Is It Better to Get Vitamin C from Fresh Florida Oranges or Supplements?Today most people think that popping a vitamin C tablet in their mouth provides them with the same nutritional boost as eating a whole, fresh Florida orange. Before the mid-1930s when the first vitamin C supplement was created, people got all their vitamins from the food they ate. There were no alternatives. However, the synthetic production of vitamin C paved the way for the wholesale production of synthetic vitamins and the development of today’s massive dietary supplement industry. By the mid-1900s, the development of inexpensive multivitamins turned taking a daily multivitamin into a morning habit.

While the development of synthetic vitamins has helped improve American health by allowing the eradication of diseases caused by vitamin deficiencies, nutritionists are unanimous in saying that supplements are not an equal substitute for natural whole foods. Not only are fresh whole Florida oranges a superior source of vitamin C, but they contain additional vitamins, minerals, nutrients and soluble fiber that are essential to good health. The fact that the body absorbs vitamins and minerals more readily from fresh fruits and vegetables than it does from supplements also gives Florida oranges an important edge over vitamin C tablets.

Today, nutritionists and physicians still encourage people to take a daily vitamin because of our over-reliance on prepared and fast food; however they universally recommend the consumption of fresh, whole fruits and vegetables like delicious Florida oranges as the best source of vitamin C and other healthy nutrients.

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