Fresh Florida Oranges Add Flavorful Zip to Water

Water is the new health food. But we’re not talking about boring, tasteless tap water or even bottled spring water. Flavored water is the current hot ticket item. Bottles of water infused with the delectable flavor of fresh citrus fruit are becoming mainstays at health clubs, tennis courts, golf courses, high school vending machines and office desks.

Our bodies are about 60% water, so we know water is good for us. But to a nation raised on super-sized soft drinks, water needs a little help in the flavor department. Adding fruit flavor to water has sent its popularity soaring. But while we think of water as a healthy, zero-calorie beverage; flavored water may be anything but.

Many flavored waters are so tasty because they’re laced with sugar and flavored syrups. Even no- or low-calorie water may be pumped full of artificial sweeteners and chemical flavoring. A new product on the market, the Citrus Zinger solves the problem, encouraging you to drink more water by flavoring it with pure, fresh-squeezed citrus juice.

Essentially a water bottle with a juicer in the bottom, you place half an orange, lemon, clementine, tangerine, etc. on the reamer. Screw shut, add water (or club soda if you crave somthing fizzy), shake and voila! Your water is transformed into a delicious beverage that is healthy, nutritious, low-cal and packed with vitamin C and antioxidant flavonoids.

Keep plenty of fresh Florida oranges on hand to flavor your water by joining one of our citrus fruit clubs.

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