How Did Navel Oranges Get Their 'Bellybutton'?

It is easy to spot a Florida navel orange. Navels are the Florida oranges with the cute little “bellybutton” on one end. While this strange protuberance gives these sweet, juicy Florida oranges their interesting name; you have to pull them apart to reveal their secret.

Inside each Florida navel orange, a curious surprise awaits. When you pull a Florida navel orange apart, you’ll find tiny orange sections ringing the navel end of the fruit. It is like finding a second, very tiny orange hiding inside the larger fruit. And, in fact, that is exactly what you are seeing. The result of a mutation, this miniature second orange is actually a conjoined twin that never matured. The result is an orange within an orange!

Botanists trace the mutation that created Florida navel oranges back to the mid-1800s when a Presbyterian missionary discovered the first navels growing on a sour orange tree in a Brazilian monastery garden. Unlike its sour, seed-filled brothers and sisters, a single branch of the tree was festooned with sweet, seedless oranges that bore the distinctive “navel” for which these delicious eating oranges were subsequently named. The rest is history!

Sweet, juicy, seedless and easy to peel, Florida navel oranges have become America’s favorite eating orange. There’s nothing more refreshing and delicious than a fresh-picked Florida navel orange. Florida navel oranges start shipping in November. Visit our website and place your order today!

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