Florida Scarlet Navel Oranges Burst into Color for Fall

Fall paints the landscape in gorgeous colors. Trees shed their summery greens to cloak themselves in rich reds, sunny yellows and dazzling oranges. Fall also brings change to our Florida Orange groves. As green fruit ripens in preparation for the first November harvest, our luscious Florida grapefruit turn a soft golden yellow and the skins of our Fall Tangerines and sweet Navel oranges burst into brilliant orange. But a very special autumn surprise waits inside each of our delicious Florida Scarlet Red Navel oranges.

When you cut into a fresh, ripe Florida Navel orange, you expect to see orange flesh. But when you peel open one of our delicious Florida Scarlet Red Navel oranges, you will find flesh as red as a flaming Florida sunset! It’s an unexpected and delightful fall surprise!

Florida Scarlet Red Navel oranges are just as sweet and juicy as their Navel orange cousins, but their red color gives them a nutritional boost beyond the many healthy vitamins and minerals fresh Florida oranges offer. Scarlet Red Navel oranges get their rosy hue from high doses of the carotenoid lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that may help prevent certain types of cancer, giving you a nice nutritional bonus with every bite!

Sweet and delicious, Scarlet Red Navel oranges are only available in November and December, so place your order today! To save 10% off your order of Scarlet Red Navel oranges or any of our fresh Florida citrus products, enter the coupon code “blog” when you checkout.

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