Special Fall Tangerines Offer Celebrates First Pick of Florida Citrus Season

The first pick of what promises to be a stellar Florida citrus season, juicy Florida Fall Tangerines are just starting to ship. In honor of the season’s first pick, Florida Orange is celebrating with a special “It’s Tangerine Time!” offer.

Available only through November 18, 2012, our “It’s Tangerine Time!” offer includes one full tray of our sweet, juicy, fresh-picked Florida Fall Tangerines for the special introductory price of just $19.99! And as an extra gift to our Florida citrus customers, we will also include a free 3-ounce jar of our luscious Tangerine Marmalade in every order of our “It’s Tangerine Time!” offer. Visit our website for complete details.

If you’ve never tried sun-ripened, just-picked Florida Fall Tangerines, you’re in for a treat. Bursting with sweet juice, Florida Fall Tangerines are delightfully easy to peel. As you peel back the bright orange skin of these fall beauties, the taste-tempting fruit falls into perfect bite-sized crescents. Pop one in your mouth and bite down and you’ll find your mouth instantly flooded with the sweetest, most flavorful juice you’ve ever tasted!

With the holidays coming, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to enjoy our delicious Florida Fall Tangerines at such a great price. If you’ll be visiting family or friends over the holidays, our “It’s Tangerine Time!” offer makes a great hostess gift. This special promotion is only available through November 18, so place your “It’s Tangerine Time!” order today!

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