Florida Orange Purchases Support Local Growers

You may not realize it, but every order you place with Florida Orange supports local Florida farmers, local businesses and local communities. Our premium Florida citrus fruit is grown, harvested, packed and shipped right here in the U.S.A. Every time you order delicious Florida citrus fruit from Florida Orange, you are providing jobs for American workers and contributing to the economic growth of American communities. Florida Orange is proud to be a “Made in America” business

With today’s concern about rebuilding our economy and keeping jobs on American soil, it’s satisfying to know that here at Florida Orange we’re doing our part to help our fellow Americans. You share in that satisfaction when you order just-picked Florida Navel oranges and fresh-from-the-orchard Florida Ruby Red grapefruit.

What better way to give thanks for being an American than to share some of our country’s bounty with friends and family on Thanksgiving Day? Florida citrus gift baskets make wonderful hostess gifts that your family and friends will continue to appreciate well after the last of the turkey leftovers are gone. Don’t forget to order an extra bushel of sweet, juicy Florida citrus fruit for your own family. Florida Scarlet Navel oranges and Florida Fall tangerines make great snacking and are a healthy way to keep your energy up as you gear up for the holidays.

To save 10% off all your Florida Orange citrus orders, enter the coupon code “blog” at checkout. Florida citrus fruit is shipping now, so place your order today!

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