Florida Citrus Quantity Guide Takes Guesswork Out of Gift Giving

When giving gifts of luscious Florida citrus fruit (or ordering for themselves), many of our customers find the most difficult part of the ordering process to be figuring out how much to give. Many of our corporate clients face the same dilemma. Somewhere between “too little” and “too much” is the perfect “right amount,” but how do you find it?

At Florida Orange, we’ve tried to take the guesswork out of the gift giving equation by noting for each of the Florida citrus items in our product listings:

  • The amount of citrus fruit that will be shipped in pounds, and
  •  The approximate number of individual pieces of fruit that will be shipped.

We ship our fresh-picked Florida oranges, grapefruit and tangerines by weight to ensure that each customer receives equal value for his payment. But we understand that most people have no idea how many oranges are in a pound, so we also tell you approximately how many oranges (or other fruit) you’ll receive if you order 10 pounds (about 11 to 15 oranges) or 30 pounds (about 33 to 45 oranges) of fruit.

If you’re trying to decide how much Florida citrus fruit to purchase for personal or corporate gift-giving or your own consumption, you’ll find a handy Florida citrus quantity guide under the Customer Care tab on our webpage.

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