Florida Navel Orange Season Could End Early

If you love Florida navel oranges, better stock up now. Florida citrus growers are anticipating a shorter than normal navel orange season this year. America’s favorite eating orange, Florida navel oranges are typically available from November through January; but this year growers say the season could end as early as mid-December.

Blame the wonky weather for accelerating the Florida navel orange harvest. Florida orange growers began harvesting navels a week earlier than usual this fall. Because Florida navel oranges have a low-acid level and high sugar content (which is what makes them so sweet and delicious), the fruit cannot be held on the tree but must be picked as soon as oranges reach peak ripeness.

For consumers, an early harvest means a shorter market season and less time to enjoy sweet, juicy Florida navel oranges, which is why we are recommending that our customers place their Florida navel orange orders as soon as possible. Naturally, Florida Orange will continue to ship luscious, fresh-picked Florida navel oranges as long as our growers can provide fruit that meets our exacting quality standards. But we wanted our many customers who love Florida navel oranges to know that late-season availability may be questionable.

If you look forward to the Florida navel orange season, we urge you to place your order early while harvest quantities are high. You can save 10% off your order of all Florida Orange citrus fruit by entering the coupon code “blog” at check out.

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