Give Good Health with Florida Citrus Corporate Gifts

If you’re looking for a quality corporate holiday gift that is unique and guaranteed to be appreciated, consider giving Florida citrus gifts. A gift of sweet, juicy Florida oranges, grapefruit or tangerines is a gift of Florida sunshine that will be considered a special treat while being appreciated for its practicality — and deliciousness! But a gift of fresh, sparkling Florida citrus fruit is also a gift of good health that emphasizes the high esteem in which you hold the recipient and the good wishes you are sending his way.

Given the rising cost of health insurance, it’s simply smart business to promote wellness in the workplace. But corporations have also found that healthy employees are happier employees. By promoting wellness programs and investing in their employees’ health, corporations demonstrate their respect and appreciation for their workers. Supplying department break rooms with fresh Florida oranges and tangerines during the holidays is a unique way to express your thanks and give your workers a healthy vitamin and energy boost.

Our corporate gift staff can accommodate special orders and help you create a unique Florida citrus gifts for your business associates, employees or clients. Discounts are available on corporate orders of $500 or more. Contact our corporate gift staff today toll free at 1-877-429-1783.

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