Enjoy Best of Florida Citrus All Season Long with Fruit Clubs

Florida Orange Fruit Clubs allow you to enjoy the best of Florida citrus all season long. Each month you will receive a box of our sweetest, juiciest in-season Florida citrus fruit. Whether you treat yourself or give them as a gift, Florida citrus fruit clubs ensure that you won’t miss a single one of your favorite Florida citrus treats, each hand-picked at the peak of ripeness and rushed to your door.

We offer a variety of wonderful Florida Fruit Club options to fit every budget and include all your Florida citrus favorites:

  • Easy-peel, zipper-skinned Autumn tangerines;
  • Luscious Scarlet Navels, blushing with juicy flavor;
  • Juicy Florida Navel oranges, America’s favorite eating orange;
  • Florida Valencia oranges, America’s favorite juicing orange; and
  • Luscious Florida Ruby Red grapefruit.

Fruit Club recipients are also treated to some of the Florida’s most unusual and most delicious citrus treats. Only available for a single month, these citrus varieties are prized for their unique flavors:

  • Incomparable Florida Honeybell tangelos, prized for their cute bell-like shape and honey-sweet flavor;
  • Unusual Ortaniques, an exotic hybrid that combines the sweet juiciness of Florida oranges with the spicy flavor of mandarin tangerines; and
  • Super-sweet Florida Honey tangerines, a snacking favorite.

If you love the sweet, juicy tang of Florida citrus fruit, our Florida Citrus Fruit Clubs deliver the best of the best! Order yours today. Enter coupon code “blog” at checkout and we’ll give you a 10% discount on your Florida Orange order.

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