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Ortaniques Add Caribbean Spice to Florida Citrus

Exceptionally juicy and delicious with a sweet, rich flavor, Florida Ortaniques add a dash of Caribbean spice to the Florida citrus family. Bright orange in color and wonderfully aromatic, Ortaniques originally appeared in Jamaica and were brought to the U.S. … Continue reading

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How Did Florida Navel Oranges Get Their ‘Bellybutton’?

How Florida navel oranges got their name is no mystery. The protuberance at the blossom end of this distinctive-looking orange looks like a human bellybutton, hence the “navel” in its name. But what put the navel in Florida navel oranges? … Continue reading

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Florida Scarlet Navel Oranges Burst into Color for Fall

Fall paints the landscape in gorgeous colors. Trees shed their summery greens to cloak themselves in rich reds, sunny yellows and dazzling oranges. Fall also brings change to our Florida Orange groves. As green fruit ripens in preparation for the … Continue reading

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Taste the Sunshine

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Drink Orange to Go Pink! Fight Cancer with Florida Oranges

The nation has gone pink this month in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness; but if you want to help protect yourself and your family against cancer, the color you should be looking for is orange! Florida oranges, eaten whole or … Continue reading

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Early Spring Hastens End of Florida Citrus Season

You can blame global warming or a fluke of nature, but last year’s unusually early spring accelerated the growing season for several varieties of Florida citrus fruit. Florida’s top citrus growers are predicting an early end to the season for Florida … Continue reading

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State Chef Whips Up Delicious Florida Citrus Treats

Florida’s state beverage is, not surprisingly, fresh-squeezed Florida orange juice. The state flower is the delicately-scented orange blossom. The tall and stately Sabal palm is the official state tree. The Sunshine State is big on state symbols. Where most states have … Continue reading

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