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Health Benefits of Florida Navel Oranges

There’s much more to Florida navel oranges than vitamin C. Well known for their high vitamin C content – one 8-ounce glass of Florida orange juice supplies 100% or more of the daily recommended requirement for vitamin C — Florida … Continue reading

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Grapefruit and Medicine: Get the Facts

If you are a Today show regular, you may have seen last week’s segment about grapefruit and its possible interaction with certain medications. News stories about the Canadian study on which the Today report was based have caused some people … Continue reading

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Eat Florida Grapefruit to Improve Cholesterol

Did you know that eating Florida grapefruit can help lower your cholesterol? Eating one sweet, juicy Florida grapefruit a day can lower cholesterol by more than 10%, reduce narrowing of the arteries by 46%, and help decrease your blood pressure … Continue reading

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